Types of Motor Racing

Racing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting competitive sports around the world to be created. Motor racing is a subset of all motorsports and is a competition between two or more cars over a set distance or time. There are various types of motor racing, which depend on the nature of the track or the type of vehicle, and include the following.

Different Types of Moto Racing

Formula Racing

Formula racing is one of the most popular professional forms of moto racing and the vehicles used in the race are custom built. The races are conducted On circuit tracks which have been designed for formula racing. There are four main formula racing categories; Formula One, two, three and four, with Formula One being the most popular. However, apart from the main four categories, we also have other formula racing events, such as Formula Challenge Japan, and the US F2000, among others.

Sports Car Racing

Sports cars are admired by so many people, but only a few of them can afford one. Sports car racing takes place on a closed circuit using a vehicle which normally has two seats and enclosed wheels. The FIA World Endurance Championship is the most popular sports car racing series, and when it comes to grand tourers (GT) racing, the FIA GT1 World Championship is the main series.

Stock Car Racing

This is a type of moto racing which is popular in the United States, and it uses production cars that have been specifically customised for racing. The cars compete on an oval track where the racers are tested to the limit over several laps. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is the largest stock car racing governing body, and it organises several racing events, such as the Daytona 500, and the NASCAR Cup Series, among other competitions.