Welcome to our site which is all about car and motorcycle racing. Ever since they were invented, cars have always been used to race with. They require very little skill to control and are universally available. They are also reasonably cheap depending on the model, meaning that people from many different backgrounds can buy them. This has undoubtedly given rise to an increase in the popularity of car racing. It is shown on television weekly, films are made about it and champions in the sport are given worldwide recognition.

There are a wide variety of car races. These include many categories such as professional and amateur. Perhaps the most famous of these is Formula One. Many different countries contribute both drivers and tracks to F1. It involves the use of very powerful, and fast cars. These vehicles are not available commercially and are created individually by expert engineers. They often cost millions of pounds to produce.

America has a similar sports equivalent called NASCAR. This organisation uses stock cars, and there is a higher likelihood of drivers being involved in accidents. Because of this, there are now specially designed car bodies to prevent injury to those inside the car.

Sports car racing is becoming increasingly popular with the general public. As the name suggests, this involves teams of sports cars competing against each other. The most prominent organisation for this type of race is the FIA World Endurance Championship. There is a higher emphasis on how far the car can go, rather than how fast it can drive.

The cars in these races do not need to be road legal. Therefore, engineers can take liberties in their design. It also gives them the freedom to invent new innovative cars. A consequence of this is that racing sports cars can reach much higher speeds than their GT counterparts. The race tracks for sports car events typically are long distance.

Branding is an integral part of professional racing. The cars are often from distinguished manufacturers, and these companies invest a significant amount of money to make sure they produce high-performance vehicles. These races can serve as great advertising opportunities for car companies. There is also heavy use of sponsorship deals on the part of championship drivers. Often a company will pay to have their brand printed on the driver’s car.

There is also a booming amateur car racing culture that is starting to become mainstream. Many organisations support young people to encourage them to take up the sport. These races are usually off-road, and take place in designated areas.

There has, unfortunately, been an increasing number of illegal street races in cities throughout the world. These are different from regular amateur competitions, in that they are not regulated, and those who take part in them are breaking the law. There are several reasons why this activity is booming right now. One theory put forward is that the Fast and the Furious films glamorise urban street racing. Whatever the reason is, this activity can cause damage to public and private property, and injury to both the driver and those unlucky enough to get in their way.

The majority of racing is, however, legal, well regulated and relatively safe. As technology becomes more advanced, the engineering possibilities for racing cars increases. The races of tomorrow are likely to be faster, more reliable and even more exciting than they already are.